Our Mission

We are a strategy execution consulting firm that specializes in employee engagement, leadership, and culture transformation.

Our mission at Cosmos Consulting Group is to create value for our clients and wealth for their owners. We pursue that mission with vigor, diligence, and professionalism.

Company owners and managers appreciate how we get everyone to row together in the same direction.

Our clients call us to revitalize their companies and increase enterprise value. We help leadership execute strategy while managing conflict within the organization

They liken us to pilot boats guiding massive ocean liners and giant cargo ship out of port past dangerous rocks and tricky currents. “We provide the nudge” to overcome inertia and point them in the safe direction “we remain alongside” as they navigate the tricky shoals and narrows. Once they are they clear of danger we watch them go safely on to their planned destinations.

We have locations in: Chicago, IL | Washington D.C. | San Francisco, CA | and NOW Louisville, KY